Frequently Asked Questions

What accounting software does Bookkeeping Mums use?

We are independent of any accounting software companies.  When we speak to you we can work with your existing software or we will recommend to you the package we think is most suitable for YOU and your business.   Services can include:

Xero – online  (Certified Xero Advisor)

MYOB – desktop and online (with over 10 years experience using MYOB).

QuickBooks – online only

Can Bookkeeping Mums do our BAS and Tax Return?

We can do your bookkeeping and your BAS returns.  Bookkeeping Mums is a Registered BAS Agent.

Your tax return is prepared and filed by your Accountant.  We work closely with you and your finance team to provide the information required for your accountant to prepare the tax return.  Your Accountant is also who you go to for tax and strategic advice and business structures.

It is common for businesses to have a bookkeeper and an Accountant for cost reasons.  Bookkeepers are cheaper than Accountants but it is important that your bookkeeper and your Accountant build an effective working relationship that puts your business first.

We already have a bookkeeper but we need help with coding some transactions

Our monthly Business Support Package is ideal for this.  You can email us or call us whenever you need to help code transactions, find out where a transaction has gone, review your reports monthly, answer questions your accountant may have – whatever you need.  This is a cost effective way for you to keep your team together and happy by having someone they can call for help (and we will respond!)

The Business Support Package ideally works with Xero clients as you can add us as an advisor and we can log on and talk you through the steps.

What does Bookkeeping Mums bring to my business that is different from other bookkeepers?

“As a Chartered Accountant I know how to read your finances.  I know how transactions will be recorded and where they will go in your financial reporting and why.  I know what your accountant wants and needs to prepare the annual tax returns – I speak their language but I also speak yours.  So we are not just a bookkeeping business, we are a total package at bookkeeping rates.”  – Nicola Wong

We want to work with Nicola, but what if she isn’t available?

“I will always have the initial first discussion with you to determine what you and your business needs.

Depending on your location and if you are not on Xero, I can’t be everywhere so it may require another bookkeeper to help you on location.  Bookkeeping Mums requires its associate bookkeepers to have at least a Certificate IV in Financial Services (Bookkeeping) and at least 3 years experience in Xero, MYOB and/or QuickBooks.  I will try to match the best bookkeeper for you.” – Nicola Wong

Why use Bookkeeping Mums?

How many working parents do you know?  How often do you hear yourself say “I don’t know how they get it all done.” Some of us appear to be super parents doing a multitude of tasks at once, but we’re not.  What we are is the most qualified at managing our time and being efficient.  This is by far one of the most untapped market places saturated with qualified, skilled and experienced working parents.  Not only do you get a qualified bookkeeper, you also get people who understand the value of time and getting the job done efficiently.  Whether your need is for full time, part time, casual or our business support package!  We value your time and we value our time.  We won’t fluff around the edges but tackle the issues to get the job done.

Where is Bookkeeping Mums located?

Bookkeeping Mums is located in Melbourne, Australia.  But the beautiful thing is you can be remote or anywhere in Australia for us to work with you if your accounting system is in the cloud!  A combination of phone, Skype and computer means you still get the best bookkeeper no matter where you are located!