Adding Value

This is a moment too good not to share.  As BAS is due this month, one of my clients was at her wits end this week with the thought of having to enter all of her receipts for her business into Xero.  Thinking she would have time to do it all herself as she went she discovered by the end of the quarter she’d spent more time running the operations of her business that entering receipts was the last thing she wanted to do.  So the pile grew.  Sound familiar?!

I’m pretty good at clocking when it’s time for drastic action and fast decisions.  Within 10 minutes of her turning up at my door with a folder bursting with receipts, we had signed her up to Receipt Bank and integrated into her Xero.  After showing her how it worked, she was brave enough to take the folder of receipts back with her.  An hour later I get a text saying she’d snap a pic of her first receipt and it was in processing.  Total excitement from her end.  I checked later and she’d loaded up all of her receipts within the hour!  What would have taken us multiple hours (and that’s just the procrastinating while thinking about the daunting task ahead) was reduced to a fraction of the time.

This my friends is winning.  No more drowning in paperwork.  No more stress.  This isn’t a plug for Receipt Bank or Xero but an example of how adding value can change the way businesses run.

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