Can’t get into your MYOB?

Just in case you’ve missed it and are still struggling to get into your MYOB, see below a statement released by MYOB last night.   If your computer is set up like mine, it automatically updates for Windows on a Monday – this has caused issues with the MYOB software.  See below on how to fix this.

I find it interesting that MYOB and Xero both have had issues this month.  When Xero went down at the start of this month and there were MYOB loyals tweeting #justsaying …. those people were very quiet yesterday.  With technology nothing is perfect.  Both accounting packages are fantastic for SME’s, some suit some better than others.  But rubbishing one over the other is not ok.  They are just different and what is working for you might not work for others.  I have clients still on MYOB so I’ve been affected by both issues.  Doesn’t make Xero better than MYOB or vice versa.  The only difference is I actually still have to do something to get my MYOB to work (which I haven’t done yet!).  Xero just fixed the issue and it was working again.

Happy bookkeeping!


ACTION REQUIRED: Microsoft security update & AccountRight

Microsoft has released a Windows security update that is impacting numerous clients worldwide, and may prevent you accessing your AccountRight company files. Microsoft is working to address this issue and will be releasing communications and a fix within the next 24-hours. MYOB have developed a solution to ensure continued access to your company file. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO

  • If you have already installed the Windows update and are having difficulty accessing AccountRight We’ve created a tool that solves this issue. You’ll need to run this tool on all AccountRight company files that you use. Follow our easy step-by-step guide on the MYOB Community Forum .
  • For all other users To maintain access to your company files, go to the Help menu and choose Confirm Company File. You will then be able to apply the Microsoft Windows security update.

Regards, The MYOB Team

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