Is Xero the new hero?

I am a working mum.  Hardly surprising the ingenuity of my business name.  I talk on the phone and work on my laptop A LOT.   Most of it from home.  The way I do business now is very different to what it was many years ago.   When I first started bookkeeping I would drive to client’s business to tinker away next to the business owner.  It also included a lot of travel time, cups of coffee and chit chatting.  It’s hardly surprising that I found myself being selective with my clients based on whether they were within a 20km radius of my home!

When I set out to be a bookkeeper I held no allegiance with any accounting software although MYOB was the predominant software of choice.  Currently I have business clients on 4 different accounting software providers and they are all unique and offer competing products.  However I began noticing my client base started leaning towards Xero that I had to consider the possibility of changing the way I did business.  If I’m honest, I still love MYOB for it’s reporting ability but I can’t deny Xero has changed the way I do business.

Here are 10 reasons why I believe Xero has played hero to my business and many of my clients.

1. Location 

The same Xero account can be accessed by more than one person at the same time from any device with internet connection.   The introduction of Xero has given me greater flexibility and a wider range of clients not determined by location.  Although I have to admit some of the best fun is still to be had at client sites learning and slotting into the culture of a team.

2. Automated bank feeds

No more printing bank statements or downloading and exporting! The automated Bank Feeds save time on data entry.   Hero factor for everyone!

3. No more installations or updates

 The amount of times I come across accounting software that has never been updated. Xero works on any device with an internet connection!

4. No more rollovers and crashing data files

When data files get too big or your computer can’t hack the processing, they have been known to crash, computer shuts down, data files get corrupted and panic sets in when you realise you never backed up (like hardly ever). The data on Xero is held in the “cloud” we don’t have to worry about backing up after every session.  I know I have a few clients who will be able to reminisce about the time their data file crashed!

5. Everything is awesome

As a bookkeeper, client satisfaction is paramount.   A happy client wrote to me one day with this and it made me grin! 

“you’re just like Lego, everything is awesome”
6. “Discuss”

One of my favourite functionalities in Xero.  Leaving questions and comments with businesses in the little “Discuss” box, it makes me feel like I’m inside their business and it is all real time. Xero have figured out a way for bookkeepers to maintain and engaging client relationship without having to physically be there.

7. Real time accounting

Businesses don’t have to wait for me to come see them.  They don’t even have to find the right lingo to speak to describe the problem because I can log on and see the same transaction they are looking at.  No more lock down, no master file and no more emailing zip files!

8. Electronic filing

Another pet favourite from Xero.  I’m an advocate for electronic filing.  Xero allows you to upload and attach your supplier invoices to your payables.  My clients can just open the bill and voila, the supporting document is right there.  Xero will keep all your data per ATO requirements.

9. Flexible working hours

Xero can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, day or night. Need I say more?

10. Accountability

Many different people can go online and view the reports or status of the business. Everyone is accountable including me to make sure the most accurate and up to date finances are maintained.

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