the philosophy of outsourcing

Did you know only 10% of our clients actually LOVE to do their own bookkeeping!  Not really a surprising result!

For everything an entrepreneur doesn’t like to do, there is someone who loves to do it and can do it well.  By surrounding yourself with someone who fits your business – whether it’s marketing, bookkeeping, social media, graphic designers – it is money well spent if it means you get to do what you love doing in your business.  More often than not what you love is seeing your business grow, making sales and feeling you are all over your business.

Over the last couple of years our portfolio of clients is bursting with the most amazing businesses and entrepreneurs who have taken the step of outsourcing their bookkeeping.   Why?  Some took the plunge after feeling like a sinking ship every BAS quarter, some were startups at the time and just wanted it done right from the start and some are existing businesses wanting to grow so are setting themselves up and getting it right now.

Whatever your reason, outsourcing can help grow your business but most importantly free you up so you can focus on the things you really need to do.

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